Good morning. It’s currently 4:01am.

I’m not sure why I am awake, but I do believe it has something to do with $4.50 pitchers at Public Bar on Mondays, and perhaps passing out a touch too early. O well. I’m in a less-than-artful mood right now, so I think this blog will take a more candid, less organized form. Here goes.

I had a really cool weekend. I decided to get out of Melbourne, so myself, two guys and four girls went to stay with our buddy George Coles for a few days. George Coles lives on a farm in Yarck, which is a small farm town in the middle of nowhere. I have recently learned that almost everything in Victoria is in the middle of nowhere, and geographic relevance is almost exclusively characterized by proximity to Melbourne. In any event, George Coles’ farm was, officially, in the middle of nowhere.

In my humble opinion, the word farm does not have the most glamorous connotation. Correctly call me ignorant, but I’m used to thinking of farms as simple (in a bad way), plain (in a bad way), and generally just “lacking,” in some arbitrary sense of the word. I was misinformed.

George Coles’ farm was super sweet, and we all had a great time. I believe he has roughly 100 acres of land, and I can claim with slightly more confidence that he has a beautiful swimming pool, tennis courts, dirt bikes, and some awesome views. We did a bit of hiking, some drinking, and a lot of BBQing (yes, I threw shrimp on the barbie, duh). I even shot some guns for the first time, which was actually very enjoyable. Sorry Mom and Dad.

Here’s some shots from George Coles’ farm:

Really nice place.

Here’s some other shots from the weekend:

George Coles, sniping cheese from the brush.

View from George Coles’ friend’s house.

Some hiking.

The decorated Yarck Hotel.

George Coles and a likely terrified Kelly Lichter.

Me, wondering why exactly I am holding a double barrel 12-gauge rifle.

Me, Remy, Lilly, Becca, Allie.

Becca and George Coles.

The new Facebook picture. Enjoying life.

Bro-ing out hard at the Yarck Pub.

George Coles, Tim, Remy, Kelly, Lilly, Allie, and yours truly.

Finally, here’s an overly-dramatic video of a ride on “The Mule” / my Real World: Wild Thornberries Edition audition tape. You choose.

Overall, farm was a great experience, and George Coles, you were a fantastic host. We actually happened to lose power for about half the time, which seemed rather fitting. Very refreshing, exceptionally pleasant weekend. Big up George Coles.

Yea, that’s about it for now. However, before I go, I must mention that I did in fact start class last week. I have two math classes, where we do wicked fancy math problems, a class called Modern Australian Society, which is predictably inane, and one called Philosophy and Happiness, which I will enthusiastically place into the upper annals of interesting. Seriously, that last class was one of the more engaging experiences I’ve had in a while. Looking forward to more.

Yep, that’s just about it for now. Miss and love you all.