Yonnas is the one I met in Mombasa, and traveled with for a bit in Tanzania.  He had the gunshot village war bus story.  I wrote about him here. He is a legend.

“YooooSorry for the late reply

You wont believe what I have been through this last week.

Meet som guys who turn up to be diamonds smugglers. I have the picture to prove it. They had stuff worth 50 000 dollar on them haha.

Ohh I got arrested to when I wouldn’t bribe a policeman. Mozambique is mad corrupted. I had to bribe 5 policeman just to get in to the country (and I got my visa in Dar).

I got a sailing boat to a remote place in northern part of Mozambique. The problem was that the wind disappeared so what would take 1 hour became 7 hours AND the boat was leaking so we had to pump out water with a bucket all the time

To get to the Mozambican border you have to cross a river. The problem with that is that the guys with the boat always threatening people in the middle to pay a lot of money. A fight broke put on one of the boats. Theres a lot of crocodiles in the water so you more or less have to pay. My boat guy was okay but it was still a scary thing to see.

Saw the pictures from Dubai and Rio. Really nice man. Where are you now?”

LOL.  Legend.

Travel on dude,