A few months ago, from a cyber cafe in Guinea, I chanced upon a photo essay of Argentina’s Fitzroy.  The Fitzroy is a mountain in El Chaltén, Argentina, and it is all sorts of out of this world. I was pumped.  I realized how many spectacular photos I’ve gathered from this trip too, and how I simply can’t wait to work on them upon returning home.

I’ve recently arrived in Israel, and I’ve recently received my Macbook Air, after 5 long, arduous months of separation.  It’s time to pump out some more pictures.

The Fitzroy is one of the visual highlights of Patagonia.  Located in El Chaltén, Argentina, you can go for a hike around the Fitzroy, a climb up one of its peaks, or simply gaze in awe and dripping saliva at its powerful beauty.  I visited the Fitzroy in April 2012; my friend Ravid and I went for a 2-day hike.  The following are some photographs that I took.  Nice–work–nature.


Here’s Ravid at the park gate.  Camera in hand–purple sleeping mat propped over his head–ready to go.


We turned a corner, and caught our first glimpse of the Fitzroy.  It was late in April, and possibly the last blue-sky day of the season.  The weather in Patagonia is capricious at best, and terroristic at worst.  Days like this do not come often.

img_1704 img_1706

Those are real photos.  They almost look fake though, eh?

Ravid and I, having a blast, in front of one of the most beautiful things we’d ever seen.

From the shores of a nearby lake.  The color of the trees is almost as impressive as the peaks behind it.


Now the colors become really pronounced.  Trekking Patagonia in the fall is conditionally incredible: you have these crazy autumn tones, and virtually no people; you just need to get lucky with the weather!


Ravid giving perspective.  Can you spot him?

Another one of Ravid.  I probably should have hiked in front a bit, so he could take some shots of me!

A picture of me, moving towards our first camp.  You’ll notice my Ray Bans, which I lost permanently about 30 minutes later.

Hiking up towards Laguna de Los Tres, at the base of the peaks.

A snowy, wind-whipped Laguna de Los Tres.  The only imperfect conditions of the day.

There’s not a ton to say about the Fitzroy–the pictures should speak for themselves.  But if you do like mountains, and you do want more, kindly go see for yourself.  The thing is simply out of this world.