Hey Will, how are you?  Good Will, and you?  Great Will.  Wanna answer a few questions about your travels?  Sure Will, anything for you.

Will:  What are the 3 most important things in your pack–the things that make your life that much easier?

Will: Great question Will.  Here they are.


 Bulb blower.  This handy little guy just squirts out air, which removes dust from your all-too-expensive SLR without you actually having to touch it.  If you are a photographer/SLR owner, a bulb blower will keep you so, so sane.  It costs about $8, and you can get one on Amazon.


Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones.  When you travel alone, sometimes you get lonely.  When you ride buses in East Africa, sometimes you have babies screaming and kicking you squarely in the jaw.  When you just want to take a nap by the pool, sometimes you are surrounded by 18-year-old girls yelling in German (my least favorite language–I just don’t like the way it sounds!).  Noise-canceling headphones provide you with your own personal sanctuary, with your own personal music, and take you away from the crazy world in which we live until you are sane enough to re-enter.  Another thing I wouldn’t leave home without.  They make 15 hour plane rides from Dubai to Rio tolerable, and help you drift easily and peacefully off to sleep when you are camping in Chile under massive trees that are being whipped around by the terroristic 100kph winds of Patagonia.


Baby powder.  For when you want to re-enact scenes from Scarface.  In addition, well, I hike a lot, I walk a lot, and I’m generally just out moving about.  Sometimes certain areas of the body get a little “worn.” It happens.  Baby powder FTW.

Will: Nice Will, thanks for sharing.  Next question: What music have you been listening to lately?

Will: I have like 60GB of music in my library, but only about 800 songs on my iPod, because I’m generally just too lazy to change them, and need to download them from iTunes Match, and therefore find internet fast enough to do so, and all that stuff.  So I’ve been listening to the same music a lot.

Will: Righttt.  Well, yea, that’s nice, and stuff, but like it doesn’t actually answer the question?

Will: Yea.  Sorry.  Florence and The Machine.  I listen to Florence and The Machine a lot.  That chick’s voice is just divine.  The music pumps me up and yea you can often just find me wandering around some neighborhood I don’t know listening to Florence and The Machine and just smiling in that same goofstupid way I mentioned in the last post and being just super really psyched to be alive and to be where I am.  Where I am right now is Buenos Aires, possibly more accurately Buenos F*CKING Aires, if you wanna be really cool and dope and fresh and cool again about it, because well, this city, it’s just, it’s awesome.  It’s really f*cking awesome.  I’ve been to a lot of cities in my life, and BA is really f*cking awesome.

Will: Word.  Why is BA so fun?

Will: Food girls nightlife food Spanish choripan Spanish architecture parks nightlife cafes street art girls nightlife bars wine I drink a lot of wine now music parrilla music art Spanish is fun people are friendly I like San Telmo a lot the markets and fields and parades and stuff mate mate mate CHO-RI-PAN.

Will: That’s not a sentence.  Well, not a very good one.

Will: Screw you.

Will: Alrighty.  Moving forward.  What are you plans in the near future?

Will: Well right now I’m writing this blog and answering your questions.  My camera is between my legs because I just helped my CouchSurfing host photograph some new backpacks he designed for Vans on the roof of his apartment building in Belgrano right next to the rooftop pool.  My immediate plans would therefore be to safely put my camera away, get rid of my hangover, head back to my friends’ place in San Telmo, watch Duke Lax CRUSH, then go out to a parrilla with some French dudes and an English dude and some lovely Colombian girls (I think the girls are coming?), and hopefully my other buddy Daniel with whom I stayed my first week here, Daniel was born in Los Angeles but has lived in Buenos Aires since he was 8, and then we’re going to have a big party to celebrate my 23rd birthday which is this coming Thursday and Simon’s (the English guy) birthday which is this coming Wednesday, as well as the departure of Stephane (one of the French guys), who is leaving BA after a year and a half.  It’s going to be fun y creo que voy a tomar mucho.

Will: I meant travel plans.  What are you doing after BA next.

Will: O.  Well.  So I’m taking a 15 hour bus to Mendoza tomorrow (this is really very sad, I love BA with so much of my heart and soul and don’t want to leave, but travel on I must), which is like the wine capital of Argentina and probably South America.  I’ll hopefully drink a lot of wine and maybe bike and do some hiking around the base of Aconcagua, which is the tallest summit in South America.

Will: And then?

Will: Then I’ll head up through Chile, maybe 2 weeks, then into Bolivia [BABY, YEA], maybe a month, then into Peru, maybe a month or more, and then I’ll have maybe 6 more weeks in South America I believe, which I might spend in Ecuador and/or Colombia, or go live with a family or work on a farm in Peru or something.

Will: Nice.  Do you ever get lonely?

Will: Yea man, it happens.  But recently I’ve realized that the majority of the time I’m feeling down, I’m actually simultaneously hungry.  So then I eat, and I feel better.  Right now my head just hurts.  Because we went out last night.  To this gypsy orchestra jam band from the 30’s costume show, or something.  They were passing liquor around the crowd and we were forming line dances around the venue and the guys were sort’ve dressed like Hogwarts professors and the girls had on like big dresses and lots of makeup, and it was awesome.  We danced a whole bunch and it was actually just a lot of fun.

Will: Word man.  Well.  Stay safe.

Will: I’m trying.  I think I must go now.  I’m pumped for dinner tonight.

Will: Thanks for answering questions.

Will: Yea.  Gotta keep the fans happy.  And my grandmother Rita Wolf who just wrote on my wall asking where I am and when I’m going to blog again.  This one’s for you, Grammy!

From maybe the best city ever with so much love,