I’ve been in Buenos Aires almost 3 weeks, and here’s some things that I’ve done so far: I’ve eaten choripan, eaten more choripan, drank ’till sunrise, taken Spanish lessons, spoken Spanish, stayed with a friend of a friend in Recoleta, CouchSurfed a bunch, wandered the city aimlessly, wandered the city with purpose, photographed graffiti and cemeteries and colorful houses, played soccer with some French kids and Brazilian kids under the lights on a concrete cancha, eaten panchos completos, eaten many and many more bakery goods, seriously considered bathing in dulce de leche but ultimately abstained, briefly became a groupie for a kid playing Radiohead in the Juramento Subte station, read On The Road and started another book called Death in the Andes, made some friends, learned to make crêpes, went to a home-made brewery in the living room of a residential home, rode colectivos up and down the city, took a nap in the park, eaten morcipan but didn’t really like it but hey I had to try it once, went on an afternoon stroll with one of the smartest persons I’ve ever met, watched Rounders and discussed poker theory with one of my CouchSurfing hosts, drank wine and more wine, made some hors d’oeuvres that received rave reviews, went to a house party, learned a new drinking game and taught others one of my own (“Cheers Governor” – huge hit!), made fresh-squeezed orange juice, taught French, exploited Starbucks for its bathrooms and WiFi, avoided being stripped of all of my belongings when they tried the classic “mustard trick” on me just after I arrived in Buenos Aires and was ambling outside of Retiro Terminal in search of my colectivo, eaten fruit for breakfast usually two bananas and an apple often, asked for directions and given some of my own, learned a bit of yoga in the park, went on a pub crawl, had many conservations about the differences in general American nuances as compared to general French and general Argentine nuances, realized that the previous sentence yes the one you just read should read “had many conversations” and not “conservations” but for some reason I like it and am going to leave it that way, languished the streets listening to Titanium with a goof-stupid grin on my face, and overall, I’ve just enjoyed the hecking shit out of myself and eaten more choripan.

Long sentence – I’ve done a lot.  Me encantas, Buenos Aires.

Needing a haircut,